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Mediatoolkit d.o.o.

People Operations Intern (m/ž)



On one side, you have Mediatoolkit — a rapidly-scaling SaaS that monitors the entire internet in real time for hundreds of clients. On the other, there's Bornfight — builders of advanced digital solutions for global industry powerhouses such as Molson Coors, Lufthansa, Infobip and Rimac Automobili.

And then there's you, right in the middle — and with an opportunity to connect the two by becoming a member of our central team which ensures that both companies function, grow and improve in sync.


Our People Operations team is growing, and this time we're looking to hire a person who wants to learn the ins and outs of human resources - or as we call it, People Operations. (Btw, the term was originally created by Laszlo Bock back when he was in charge of HR at Google - we’ll let him explain it in a video.) We’re on the hunt for a motivated student to join our People team and grow with us! Read on to find out more about what you’ll do, and for more insights about what it’s like to work as a student in Mediatoolkit, check out a blog by our Irma. 


Helping us create an amazing employee experience while picking up on all you need to know to start your People career 🙃 - you’ll have a chance to work on different existing projects in our People team, from helping us attract new talent to both companies, to bringing your own ideas about how to promote our culture internally. Most of all, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the entire employee lifecycle in two different companies - Bornfight and Mediatoolkit. Some of the areas you’ll be able to work on, and/or learn more about: 

Talent acquisition - we attract potential employees through employer branding, and choose the best through our selection process - and you’ll work with us in both areas 😁You’ll: 

Work with our Marketing teams in defining where and how we’ll promote our brands, mostly regarding relationships with universities, career centres and student associations (as their main point of contact)
Help coordinate employer branding activities (such as job fairs, company visits, lectures at universities)
Attend meetups, conferences and events, and creating a network of potential job candidates
Be in charge of our candidate nurturing programs - you’ll screen all applicants that come in via an open application, as well as actively source and engage talent for future vacancies 
Become a master in proactively sourcing talent on LinkedIn, GitHub, StackOverflow, Dribbble, Behance, Google, … 🥷
Assist our recruiters during selection processes 

Culture and engagement - this is where you’ll have the chance to implement your own ideas - be it new ways to increase internal communication, or organizing someone’s anniversary party - we do a lot to ensure our teams are happy and productive,  and are always waiting for the next big idea 💡

Data and reporting - you’ll assist the rest of the team in tracking our data and creating reports, as well as making sure specific documentation is up to date (eg. employee handbooks) 

Learning & development - this is another area where you’ll be able to contribute (eg. help organize lectures and workshops, and if you’re interested - hold some of your own), but most of the learning comes with the job, for you -  we’ll make sure you learn all about best practices in all of these areas through shadowing our team, knowledge-sharing sessions, conferences etc. 


Pursuing a BS/MS degree in Humanities or Social Sciences 
Ability to work a minimum of 20 hours per week (student contract)
Excellent knowledge of Croatian (C1) and English language (C1), both written and spoken
Basic knowledge of human resource management is a plus 
A team player mindset
Self-organization & project-handling ability
A knack for communicating & presenting 


Experience of working at an IT company or a recruitment agency


Complex products require fantastic teams. We invest heavily to make ours the best they can be.

After going through a structured onboarding and education process, you’ll focus continue to learn a lot about all of our People processes - and for someone with a strong interest in pursuing a career in human resource management, we believe this is an awesome opportunity 😊 You’ll continuously work on your progress with your manager, through (bi)weekly 1:1s, monthly Quality Time meetings, and Growth Conversations - more about those in our blog. 

Other than that, you can expect:

Working in a people-first team focused on knowledge sharing
Team buildings, workshops and educations (both internal and with external experts), office parties; virtual, for now ):
Top-notch equipment - a Macbook Pro, an extra screen, a headset, an ergonomic chair
Organised 6-month onboarding program, including a mentor and an onboarding buddy
Meetingless Fridays
For those that prefer working from the office, a pet-friendly workspace including a library, rec-rooms, and unlimited amounts of coffee, tea, fruits, and snacks
Free legal, tax, and psychological counsel
An unlimited Mediatoolkit subscription for yourself and an NGO of your choice

FInally, we take our student jobs, as well as their education very seriously 😊Our student jobs are equally important for Mediatoolkit’s progress as any other, and we look at every student hire as potential for permanent employment and a career in our team. We’re especially proud of how much of our leadership team grew from being part-time students! But your school absolutely comes first - you agree flexible work schedules around your classes, and you get unlimited free time to prepare and take your exams. 

Mediatoolkit is a fast-growing company, which in our case means opportunities for both vertical and horizontal professional growth. We value quality, learning, and development, and hire people whose knowledge and ambition align with our culture of progress. All of our hiring decisions are made with the assumption that you will constantly learn and grow, and eventually even create completely new career paths within our team. If working in a team like this piques your interest, we would love to meet you!

Our Values are Community, Ownership, Progress, Transparency, and Quality, and they guide everything we do.
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